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Why a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer is Needed For Your Claim

We all have experienced going to a doctor who is a specialist. For example, if we have problems with our skin, we see a dermatologist, heart issues, a cardiologist and so on. Likewise, lawyers can be specialist in certain areas of the law.

The Supreme Court of Florida in 1982 established a program and a process by which lawyers could become Board Certified. This process identifies specialist in certain areas of the law and is one of the highest forms of florida bar certifiedprofessional recognition that a lawyer can receive.

Lawyers seeking this recognition must take and pass a lengthy examination demonstrating their level of expertise. Their level of courtroom experience, professionalism, ethical behavior and character are also assessed by the examining board.

Once Board Certified, the lawyer is required to continue maintaining their law practice, take courses related to their practice specialties and try cases before the Court in order to maintain their board certification. After the initial certification, a lawyer must present his qualifications for approval every five years in order to be re-certified.

Why Having a Board Certified Lawyer Is Important

Lawyers who Are Board Certified are well respected in their communities by clients, judges and other lawyers. A lawyer who is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, includes those who specialize in handling Injury or Wrongful Death cases that have resulted from accidents, abuse, faulty medical devices and drugs. When seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer, you should seek out the advice or services of a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.

Rafael J. Roca is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who has held this recognition since 1997.

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